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Our services at a glance:
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Organization of evening events

We can offer you a full service package which includes, amongst other things, acquisition, invitation- and registration management, hotel / location booking, accreditation at chamber of pharmacy, supervision on site and sustainability activities. Of course you are also able to assign only single accomplishments to us.

Presentation of papers

As a result of her pharmaceutical education and long lasting practice in the pharmacy field, Dr. Rosado (pharmacist) is capable of presenting papers/ lectures for pharmaceutical staff and consumers. It is our goal to communicate the essential know-how as easily and in the most practice-oriented manner possible, and therefore inject real enthusiasm for the material.

As Dr. Rosado still works regularly in the pharmacy, she is constantly in touch with the day to day practice. In addition to Dr. Rosado, we are happy to also have Dr. Daub, pharmacist, in our team, who provides us with her experiences and know-how, and who is able to present papers/lectures as well. Dr. Daub is in charge of two pharmacies in Dresden.


Training materials

We are happy to support you with all arrangements related to training / lecture contents, as well as with developing your training material. In this matter, you can benefit from our wealth of experience and we will be able to provide you with helpful tips and ideas.

Besides the “classic” training materials, we can also develop individual consulting guides, learning DVDs and consulting films.

In order to optimize the use of your material and presentations in the practice, we are able to test these in advance with a field of experts, with pharmacists and PTAs.


Field staff trainings and conferences

We can get your field staff into excellent shape by imparting the knowledge of how to acquire the right pharmacies or how to improve sales.

Organization and accomplishment of coaching / training directly in your pharmacies through our high-qualified and experienced trainers

We offer a large and nationwide network of highly-qualified and well practice-experienced “PTAs” and pharmacists, who can provide training and coaching in the pharmacy. This nationwide network consists of 80 skilled PTAs, and this makes it possible for us to provide an area-wide training-network which is in form, content and area adjusted to the desires and associations of our clients: whether it is a short training course, a daytime class or face-to-face coaching.

Individual pharmacy-training

We offer an individually planned sales training, which fits the pharmacy perfectly. It contains in addition to professional competencies, the improvement of communication and motivation of the employees and thus leads to the improvement of sales and turnover figures.

E-learning development

Under your instruction, we can develop e-learnings, which are tailored to your designated focuses and products. Afterwards we willingly accredit your e-learning at the chamber of pharmacy.

Appearances at exhibitions

We would be delighted to support you by exhibitions and promotions with our nationwide, highly-qualified referees.

Storecheck / Marketing

We can comprehensively counsel our clients in all marketing aspects and offer you ideal marketing solutions. This means you can delegate all relevant tasks to us, which you wish to accomplish but which you are unable to realize because of time, personal or professional matters. According to the number of modules you require, we can offer you a consistent, monthly price for our support. Besides the professional accomplishments, this offers you dependability in planning. Further, we are more than happy to take care of single modules and respectively support you in single projects.

Besides our PTAs and pharmacists we provide a large number of specialists in our team. Therefore we can provide you with referees with the following focuses: 

  • Nutritionist
  • Cosmetic technician
  • podiatrist
  • alternative practitioner
  • cytostatic specialists
  • Etiquette specialist

We would like to arrange our efforts for you so that they perfectly match your wishes and requirements. Please feel free to contact us anytime! tl_files/is/images/layPointerRed.gifContact